!Every time I see someone post in a Facebook group asking “Should I create THIS freebie or THAT one? What do you want?” I cringe. 

Because that’s the surest way to create a list of freebie hunters – who are unlikely to buy from you.


Stop thinking of it as a “freebie” for a minute and think of it as a Lead Magnet.
A good lead magnet is one that
1. Gives your ideal client/target market an easy, simple, quick win and taster of what it’s like to work with you
2. The NEXT LOGICAL STEP is for them to sign up for one of your offers.
Without knowing WHAT your offers/packages/services are
And WHO your target market is
And WHAT your outreach channels are
ANY of the suggestions people give, are just hitting in the dark.


Heck, I’ve done it too. I help women grow their business online. Back in 2015, I asked a group what they wanted, the said they needed SEO. So I created a freebie explaining SEO and the simplest steps to get started with it. It was a hit!! It got me about ~300 subscribers in 2 months. Without any paid ads. But here’s the catch – none of those people ever went on to buy my services!!! I later dropped that segment right off my list. 

Thing is – I don’t offer SEO as a service. Yes, I understand it thoroughly. Yes, I help with websites, and strategy, and implementation and all things tech. But I don’t offer the hard-core, geeky SEO stuff as a service. 

So I cringe each time I see people put up posts like these.
And even more so when I see people put create a 100 page eBook as a freebie.
Or a 90 min meditation. 

Let’s go back to the basics here. What’s the purpose of a freebie? 

For you, the purpose of a freebie is to get someone on to your email list. Not just “someone” but someone who’s very very interested in the kind of services you provide and is likely to buy sooner rather than later. 

So in exchange for their email address and the privilege to visit their Inbox occasionally, you have to give them something of value. Not just any old “something” – which is what most people do … put “something” that’s kinda, perhaps, maybe, what they think their “audience” wants (note the difference between “audience” and “target market”).

You have to give them something which helps them immediately. Something which let’s them get a taste of how you work, or how you can help them. Something that gives them a quick win, so that they feel good about themselves, and about you. And yes, it has to be “quick” and not a 100 page eBook – because no one has the time or inclination to read that…. unless you’re J K Rowling. 

I know that sounds so simple…. and yet, and yet…. the internet is littered with graveyards full of freebies (and businesses) that didn’t pay heed to this one simple thing.

If you really want to leverage content marketing – then your freebies, your blog posts, your facebook posts should ALL be aligned with your services. Not just something your “audience” wants to learn. But something, that gives them a quick win, a boost, and inspires them towards the next step aka working with you.

So, want to learn how to create that kinda freebie – you know the kind that actually help you sign up paying clients?  Then come join us for this masterclass where I’ll help you identify WHY your freebie hasn’t quite been working for you and more importantly, show you how to fix it !! Here’s the link to sign up (psst.. it’s free!!!) : https://thericherjane.com/perfect-freebie

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