Are you feeling overwhelmed?
Sick of that TODO list that never ends?
It’s been a while that you’ve been at this business thing….. but….. the more time, effort and energy you put in…. the more it feels like you’re getting sucked in.

Somehow… that’s what I kept hearing over and over on client calls this week.

Women feeling ‘stuck’ in their business. Exhausted with the hustle. That business was supposed to help them create the life they love… not suck the life out of them….

When I dug deeper, asking what it is that they wanted from the business, what it is that drove them… their big picture, their big why…. they didn’t have clear answers. It was all wishy-washy.

“The business well… seemed like a good idea. ”
“That’s what <insert big name> says to do”

Thing is…

If you don’t know where you’re heading…

How will you get there?

When you’re clear on your BIG WHAT (what do you want to achieve )
When you’re clear on your BIG WHY (why are you doing this)
When you want it BAD ENOUGH

You’ll be able to focus.
You’ll find that decisions are easier.
You’ll be able say “No” or “Hell Yeah!” much easier.
You’ll be able to find the right coaches, courses, clients.
It will no longer feel like an endless hustle.
You”ll get into the flow.

Have you thought about that lately?

Where are you heading?



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