There was a time, not so long ago, when my average day just felt so if the universe was conspiring against me.  Things going wrong. All the time. Rushing like crazy. Frazzled. Frustrated. About things that seemed ‘oh so important’.

I generally don’t read the newspapers much. They seem to be more about marketing, than really sharing the news. And these days, the news hits my FB feed way before the papers can publish it. And somehow papers seem to carry more negative news – corruption, accidents, war, strife etc.- and spin it to be ‘sensational’.

But I think it’s more because now I’m a mother. I can’t quite describe it – but being a mother changes you. I see all that news and wonder what kind of world I’m bringing my child up in. He started to read now. And tries to read headlines. I hate it when he asks what a scam is about, or about the Greek crisis. And I cringe even more when he tries to read the ads or asks why the women in the photos aren’t wearing any clothes.

On my part, I see a wounded/hurt/lost kid and there’s a minute of panic and a silent prayer. I’m grateful that that’s not my child. And I pray for the mother who’s child it is. Nutty. Emotional. Not quite befitting the rational A-type personality I used to be.

Today’s paper had a photo of a child being carried through the rubble, after a plane crashed somewhere. I don’t remember where. It doesn’t matter. I saw the hurt on his face. And the helplessness of the guy carrying him.

Just 2 days ago my son slipped and cut his foot. I’ve been fussing about him since. Well, within limits. He’s still been jumping and running around all through the weekend.

I look around me and I’m grateful. Immensely.

To live in a region that isn’t torn apart by strife, by war. Or by financial uncertainty like Greece.

That I can provide a comfortable life for my son.

That I can send him to a school that’s fun. And have him safe in my arms in the afternoon.

That I can feed, and clothe him.

That we have a roof over us.

That we’ve never had to go to bed hungry.


It’s a privilege really.

And I’m immensely grateful.

Thank you Universe.

In trying to look at the bigger picture, or just keep up with the Jonses, we forget the small things that matter. Or be grateful for what we have. You’re probably reading this on a laptop or your phone. That means you have the means to afford them. You also have access to drinking water and food. And a roof over your head. That in itself is a lot to be grateful for. Even if your commute to work took an hour.

Gratitude has been on my mind a lot lately. I’ve started a small ritual with the kid – each night before bed, I ask him, “What was the best part of your day today?”. Last night he replied with a happy, satisfied grin – “The food. I ate so much. I loved it!”.

What was the happiest part of your day today?  Share the joy. Bring a smile to someone’s face. Let us know in the comments below. Just one line – what was the happiest part of your day today?


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