There’s a difference between spending vs investment.

An investment is where you ‘spend’ some money (or time or energy) and get something worth while in return. A “return on investment”

An expense or “spending” money – is just that. Money that’s “gone”. Money that was exchanged for something that ‘looses value’ or is consumed immediately .

When it comes to putting money in your business – or really any part of your life – ask yourself – is it an investment or an expense?

You’ll get a different answer back at different points in your life.
And rather than the ‘item’ you’re purchasing – the investment vs expense tag is really based on how you VALUE/VIEW what you purchased.

Buy 10 business courses but never complete them – that’s an expense not an investment.

Got a massage that makes you feel like you’re now ready to take on the world? That’s an investment.

Accountants may have clear definitions for expense vs investments.

But really, for us, it’s more personal. It’s more subject.

When have you thought you were investing, but turns out it was just an “expense” ?

When did an ‘expense’ turn out to be a really great investment?

I promise not to judge 😉

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