The truth is that there’s a ton of crappy, conflicting advice out there. Especially on the internet.
You’ll find an article on how “Why ABC is the fastest way to grow your business” and a searches later you’ll also find an article on “Why ABC just doesn’t work anymore for business”
You’ll find a hundred different coaches insisting that THEIR way is the BEST AND FASTEST AND EASIEST way to make 6-figures (or 7-figures) in business. And that the 1000 students who’ve paid for their program proves how good it is, and because it works for them and their students – it WILL ABSOLUTELY work for you.
But here’s the thing…..
They don’t tell you that the reason their method worked for them is because they already had 10 years of experience in direct sales.
Or that only 5 of those 1000 students who bought their program actually made those 6-figures. Or that those 5 had private coaching / 5 years of business experience / spent $65k on FB ads.
But when you’re out there looking for advice… you’ve really got to ask yourself
Is this right FOR ME?
Does this hold FOR ME, at this point of time?
Is it aligned with MY values?
Is that the way I WANT to work?
Is that the way I WANT to treat my clients?
Is that the way I WANT to be?
Heck, you could also consult your astro chart, your human design chart, or your MBTI type, or your parents, your BFF, or your psychic…………
But who you really need to be checking with is YOURSELF. Your heart, your gut – always knows.
Learn to discern.
When you’re making a decision out of fear vs joy.
When the fear is your gut warning you vs your ego holding you back
When you’re looking for the easy way out vs doing the work that’s required
Because any journey outward….
begins with a journey inward.
It is only when you KNOW yourself
when you ACCEPT yourself
when you LOVE yourself
that you can you step in to your own power
and step up to be visible in the world
and create a life and business you love
and make the kind of impact you were born to.
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