We think being successful in business comes from the right strategies. From marketing. From pricing, positioning and packaging.
But really…. it comes from within.
Success comes from within.
It comes from confidence.
It comes from how YOU see yourself.
How WORTHY you see yourself as.
As a business coach, with every new client I find, the first month or so is ALWAYS working on her mindset first. Getting her to believe that she can do it. We ALWAYS have to do that before we can get to work on her strategies, products and pricing.
Because if you’re not confident – you can’t stand up and put yourself out there. Standing up to be visible takes courage, it takes confidence.
You can’t stand up to be visible if you’re always doubting yourself, your message, your gift.
You can’t charge your worth, if you yourself, doubt your worth.
It all begins with you.
After all, like I say, starting a business, is really a journey of personal transformation.
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