Leaving Divi is just as difficult as leaving any other “drag and drop” builder/theme. Or really, ANY theme.
ANY theme that you take, if you use THEME SPECIFIC features for example the cool slider it has or the fancy header it creates – when you move away from that theme, you loose the ability to use those features. And that page will likely look like crap and have a bunch of code show up!
So when you’re moving away from ANY theme – you will have to take care to redesign/edit ALL pages which used any theme specific features.
It’s not just about Divi.
Make sense?
When developers say “Divi created a mess” it’s quite often due to one of the following
1. original person who used Divi on that website created a mess;
2. the new persons doesn’t know Divi that well
A tool is only as good as the person using it!
Now let’s talk about Divi and it’s shortcodes. I’m guessing you saw the bit about Divi leaving shortcodes on some article comparing the pros & cons of Divi and some other WP theme or builder. Please keep in mind such posts are usually
1. Click bait
2. Traffic driving posts for SEO
3. Making money as affiliates or via ads
Meaning – even tho they may claim to be, they are not 100% unbiased. I know because back in 2014 and 2015 I wrote a few hundred such posts ?? (as a web dev and freelancer writer)
Yes, Divi does insert shortcodes. But so does almost every other drag and drop builder/theme!! If not shortcodes, then they insert other stuff that you’ll likely still have a tough time working around. 
ps: should you want to move away from Divi there are plugins that remove the shortcode for you with a few clicks. Its not that big a deal! You don’t have to hire someone to do it for you!
Now let’s talk about moving away from Divi – er, WHY would you want to move away from Divi?
IMHO (and I’ve been creating wordpress websites since 2007 or so and have tried out a dozen other website platforms) .. IMHO DIVI is the BEST theme/builder I’ve seen – not just for non-techie people to create their websites, but even for people like me who have been coding since 1993 ! ?? Yikes!! That does make me sound dated!!
Divi has ALL the features you need to create a really sleek business website with EASE!
Here’s a quick video that shows how easy it is to work with Divi: https://thericherjane.com/why-i-use-divi/
After that you can decide whether or not you want to try it..
But if you do decide to go with Divi, take the lifetime option, not one year. It’s so worth it in the long run!
And no my opinion isn’t unbiased either  
I LOVE Divi!
I’ve used it for dozens of client sites.
And I’ve helped over 70 women create their own website using Divi (many of them were self proclaimed techno-phobes and many of them have grandkids!!)
Here’s a few resources that may help you along your website journey
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