As you work long hours and late nights to build your business,
remember what really matters.

The Big “WHY” behind your business, behind your passion.
Why it is, you do what you do.

Its so easy to loose track of that. To get caught in the number of likes, shares, followers, comments and $$.

It’s summer vacation out here. Which means through the morning I’m chauffeuring the kid around to sports camp, swim camp etc, in the hot sun.

I log in after lunch around 2 pm each day, trying to fit in as much work as I can till 6pm. Interrupted every 15 min by a 7 year old who wants to watch more TV, or play on his iPad, or something of that sort. If there’s no sound for more than 15 min, I find him in some corner ‘creating’ something out of stuff he’s not supposed to touch – like wires and knives.

I often get mad. Frazzled and frustrated. Thanks to the heat. Thanks to madness of summer vacation. Thanks to not being able to go full speed ahead in my business the way I want to.

Last year, I had a ton of play-dates, activities and what not lined up for him. This year, I haven’t planned anything. I’m too excited about building my business.

But this year… he’s older as well. He’s gotten more independent. He keeps himself busy – reading, experimenting and generally goofing around. He’s passed up my offers to bake and craft. He prefers the iPad & football.

This afternoon, as he’s goofing around the garden, and I’m at my laptop… I can’t help but sigh. In wonder. In awe. In gratitude. I’m grateful for these moments with him as he grows up.

The millions can wait. He can’t.

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