[Sparked from a rather interesting & heated discussion with someone the other day.]

Make it. And they will come“.
If your product is really good – people will flock to you“.
Perfect it before you ship it. People will buy it if it’s awesome“.

Who here still believes in these?

I don’t.

IMHO, it’s not about perfection.
It’s not really about your product/service either.
It’s about the value/the solution you can help people with.
And then getting them to buy from you. That’s the part where most people fumble. Product/service creation is actually the “easier” part.

People will buy from you IF

they TRUST your product will SOLVE A PROBLEM

they THINK they have.

That’s a loaded statement. If you break it up, it actually works out to multiple steps. Miss out on any ONE of these, and well… people won’t buy from you.

1. People have to know that they have a problem
2. They have to want to solve that problem.
3. They have to be willing to pay to solve that problem
4. They have to find you
5. They have to get to know & trust you
6. They have to believe your product will help them solve that problem.
7. They have to believe the value your product delivers – is more than the price you’re charging.
8. They have to actually pull out their wallet and pay you.

And oh, #9 – They have to like your product and not demand a refund!

Now, how many of these pointers is actually about YOUR product / YOU?

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