Wondering whether to DIY your website or hire someone to do it for you?

Well, it depends.

It depends on which stage your business is at.

It depends on how clear you are about your business, your audience, your revenue streams etc.

If you’re in the early stages of your business – then I’d recommend you learn to DIY your website.

Here’s why:

  1. Because it’s not just a one time thing.

The skills you learn in order to create your website – are skills you’ll find yourself using repeatedly as you grow your business.

Copy writing – you’ll need it to write your blog posts, your social media content, your sales pages, your email newsletters – basically everything.

Graphics / design – ditto. Everything is visual these days. You’ll need to know how to create graphics for yblog posts, your social media content, your sales pages, your email newsletters – basically everything.

WordPress/Tech – It’s not just 5 pages on your website that’ll use WordPress. It’s your landing pages, your sales pages, your blog posts.

So yes – you NEED to learn these skills anyway. What better place to start?

2. It brings you clarity.

Your website is often the very first tangible thing you have to show to the world. To tell the world about your work, who you are and all that you do. It’s your very first attempt to turn that nebulous idea in your head into something tangible – and that too neatly packaged into 5 or 6 pages. It forces you to think, to pare, to get clear.

That clarity is priceless!

And over time your business will evolve. You’ll learn more about your niche, or narrow it down further. You’ll fine tune your offerings, your services, your optins. And as you do all of that, you will have to come back and make changes on your website, on your landing pages on your sales pages. If you have to go running to a web designer, a web developer, a copy writer and a graphics designer each time you wanted to change something on your site…… well… they’d be a really happy bunch and your purse will be way lighter!!!

3. It’s really difficult to get the right help

Yes, you can hire help. A lot of help. But is it the right kind of help? You can hire people for as low as $5 on Fiverr to make your website for you, or to create graphics or write copy. Or you could hire a bunch of specialists for top dollar. But how well do they understand YOUR vision? How well do they understand YOUR business? How well do they understand YOUR audience?

In the early stages of business, people tend to hire ‘budget’ help. Someone who can just about deliver what they need, at a ‘reasonable’ price. Someone who’ll deliver a piece of the puzzle, without every paying attention to how that piece fits in with everything else in your business..and so you end up with a bunch of ‘nice’ pieces of a puzzle – that just don’t fit together.

I could go on and on.. but you get the drift right? Creating your very first website yourself is a worthwhile ROI. The skills you learn will hold you in good stead as your business.

But….. it can be a steep learning curve. The trick is to do it the smart way. NOT spending hours and hours trying to learn from YouTube videos and Google!

And that’s why I created the Winning Website Masterclass. To make sure you get a head start on your website – without the hassles and heartache!  I’ll walk you through HOW to create a winning website – aka one that connects and converts and helps you sign up paying clients. In just one hour. And oh, did I mention it’s free. Grab your spot below.

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