Want your About page to really really make an impact? (this is the part MOST people get wrong – even copy writers!)
First, what’s the ‘impact’ you want it to register?
When people visit your About page – you want them to be nodding along as they read each part, saying to themselves… “OMG!!! She read my mind!!! ” “Oh YES!! That’s exactly how I feel” “OMG… I want to know more about her!! I want to work with her!!”
If that’s the kind of impact you want – then stop making your About page all about YOU! Stop writing pages and pages of your life story. Or your long list of credits. An About Page is NOT your online resume!
Instead, use it as an opportunity to really really connect with your audience. At the heart level.
Talk about what they’re feeling right now.
Talk about what they want.
Talk about what they need.
Talk about WHY/HOW you are the best person to take them along that journey.
And in all of that, weave in your own STORY. Bits and pieces of YOU, your life, your personality that would resonate with them.
Because your About page is not about you really.
Neither is your business.
Real business growth happens when you can put your ego aside and stand up, be visible and actually connect with the people you’re here to serve.
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