I’ve been wanting to do videos for so long now.
I always find a reason not too.

In summer, the light streaming in to my office space was too harsh.
In the rains, it was all gloomy and grey.
I don’t want to use those big studio lights.
Er, my hair’s due for some color.
I probably need a facial (I get one every decade or so! yes, really.)
I haven’t written out all the scripts yet.
I can’t read from the teleprompter.
The stand’s not quite right.

You get the idea.

For me words flow so, so much easier, when I type.

And yet I’ve been holding back on the writing, and ‘waiting’ to do the videos.

Kick me, someone please.

I tell clients to play to their strengths. To not get hung up on their weakness.

Play to your strengths. Don't get hung up on your weakness. Share on X

For example when X said she took 5 hours to write 1 blog post, but she’s a video pro – I told her to forget about Blogs and instead do Video blogs.

For Y, who was procrastinating about videos like I was, I told her to just chuck it for now, and build up her momentum with smaller, more intimate blog posts.

When I tell them, they go ahead and do it.

But I still don’t.

Been there?

Where it’s easy to do something for someone else, to give them just the right bit of advise…but when it comes to yourself, you just ‘don’t – even when you know it’s the right thing to do?

Times like that, can you step back and see, what’s really holding you back?
What are you afraid of?

In my tryst with Videos, I realize it’s the deeply ingrained belief that I’m not pretty enough.
It’s the fear that people may not like me.
It’s the fear of putting myself out there and looking like a fool.

I’m just using the lighting, the other tech aspects as excuses.

Can I get over that fear? Can I put it aside for a while?
Can I go ahead and create those videos – in spite of that fear?
Or will I give in to the fear and hide?

I think I’m going to do just what I tell my clients to do – be with your strength. Go for the path with least resistance. But get things done. It’s about moving forward. It’s about creating momentum. It’s about getting unstuck.

And yet, in our jumbled minds, we think it is about being perfect.

When stuck - just follow the path of least resistance. Progress is better than perfection. Share on X

For me right now, the idea is to get out there and connect with my audience. It doesn’t matter how. Through my words, through my writing, or through video.

So here I am.. writing yet another blog post.. though I know ‘vlogs’ are the new thing.

What do you?

What do you do when you find yourself stuck? When you find yourself procrastinating? When you’re paralyzed by fear?

How do you get over it?

Share with us in the comments below.


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