#marketing isn’t about telling people they have a problem – and then telling them how you can solve it for them. Please, enough with the fear based marketing!  

Heck, if you’re trying to “show”, “educate”, “inform” your target market that THEY have a problem – then YOU have a serious problem.

No one likes to be told that they need to lose weight. Or that smoking is going to kill them. Or that their business is going to fail.

Uh-un. No.

That’s not marketing. That’s just fear mongering and pushing people’s buttons and triggering them. It doesn’t create energy for your business.

Marketing in the truest sense of the word, is all about CONNECTING with your ‘target market’, your people. It’s about UNDERSTANDING them. Their wants, their needs, their deepest desires, their fears, their dreams, and what motivates them, what keeps them up at night. Basically knowing them better than they know themselves..

Marketing is about LEADING the way for them, showing them you understand AND you care, and you’re there to support them through a transformation.

Marketing is about holding space for them when they falter, showing them tough love, when things get difficult.

Marketing is about leadership.. Owning your own power. And helping potential clients stand up in theirs.

Yes, your works starts even before they sign up to work with you.

Because marketing is that conversation, that dance, that leads them to choose to work with you.

As tempting as it may be to think Marketing is about showing the world how awesome you are, that it’s all about YOU…… it isnt. Trust me.


Instead… think of it a bit like dating.

Hmm… ok, it’s a lot like dating really.

You go on a first date with someone nice.


What do you think will happen if on that first date all you do is

a) highlight all the problems YOU THINK that person has


b) just keep on talking endlessly about yourself.

Do you think the other person will ask you out for a second date?


Same thing with marketing.

It’s a lot like dating really. 


Want to learn more about HOW to effectively market your business ?

Without icky, pushy, sleazy gimmicks? 

By CONNECTING with your ideal clients?

Well, then you’re in luck!

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