It’s takes a village to raise a child. And it takes a village to build a business.
One of the secrets to quick business growth is knowing what to outsource, and when.
Most people end up buying course after after course – that sit around gathering dust in their inbox.
But spend tens and hundreds of hours struggling with WordPress and a FREE theme or trying to edit images and videos or create pretty graphics on canva or remove the background on their photos with some free tool
What IF
* you hired someone from Fiverr to edit your videos & your photos instead of trying to learn 10 different image/video processing tools.
* you got a website-in-a-box & a course that showed you how to update things the easy way
* you hired a VA to schedule your posts and newsletters / create your graphics on canva.
* you got a housekeeper to clean and cook – or just do the laundry.
You’d save 5-10 hours each week. For $5-$100 each week.
Imagine all that you could do with ALL THAT EXTRA time!!! 5-10 hours. EACH WEEK!!!
You could
* Finish all those courses you “meant to” start some day
* Map out the 6 month plan for your biz
* Write out newsletters for the next 2 months.
* Go plant some flowers
* Take your kid swimming
* Take a nap. A really long one.
* Go get a massage.
Hiring help doesn’t have to be expensive.
Hiring help doesn’t mean you can’t do it.
Hiring help isn’t a sign of weakness.
Hiring help doesn’t have to break the bank.
Hiring help doesn’t mean you’re snobby.
You don’t have to wait until you have a 6-figure or 7-figure business before you’re allowed to hire help.
You don’t need to wait for your mother’s permission either. Or your child’s. Or your spouse’s.
What you do need to do is value your time, your energy, more than you value the ‘struggle’.
What you do need to do is decide that you’re getting help.
What you do need to do is to step up and graciously receive that help.

What you do need to do is to stop wearing the struggle as a badge of honor.

Remember that the Struggle is totally optional!

And yet sometimes… we’re so proud of the struggle, we hold on to it so tight….we think we have to do it all ourselves… we turn blind to the other options right in front of us… all because we’ve learnt that “nothing comes easy”.

I’m sharing this today because I’ve seen quite some examples of this in the last few weeks and i launched my Website Bootcamp and even yesterday when I put up an offer for a $97 website. On yesterday’s post I got over 20 comments about how unbelievably wonderful the offer was, many questions, and yet, not one sale ?? And during the Website Bootcamp launch, i had many people reach out to me, ask questions… and then say they wanted to do it all on their own first – so that they could learn (er, that’s what I help you do in the bootcamp – learn, but without the headache ! ?? )

Ladies, please, let go of the struggle. No matter what society impresses upon us – the struggle is totally optional.

When you focus on the struggle – you get more of the struggle.

Focus on the outcome you want. Find the easiest way to get there.

There is no shame in looking for “easy” solutions! In fact, it’s sometimes the smartest thing to do! Learning, growing, doesn’t always have to be difficult.

Yes, a caterpillar does need to struggle to break out of the cocoon and turn into a butterfly.

BUT… A flower blossoms without a struggle.

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