Slow down to speed up.

I know that sounds like an oxymoron.
I know the world tells you to keep pushing, to be more productive, to get more done

To send out those newsletters, and show up on FB X times a day, and create a youTube channel and a podcast and …hundred other things.

You probably feel the urge to create not just one, but 5 freebies and 10 different offers and oh-my-god soooo many juicy ideas to promote your business….

And why just business…. you have a hundred different ideas of activities to do with the kids and to make the house look prettier and sigh… it’s an endless list.

That’s not counting the growing pile of laundry or other every day chores screaming for your attention.

What I’ve found worked best for me – is to slow down. To focus. To pick the top one or two or even 3 things that are most meaningful for me and just focus on those.
To “file” away the other ideas in a notebook somewhere.

Because when I try to do everything together, or jump-start it all… invariably it falls flat. Because I’m spread thin. Because I can’t focus.

Same holds for you.

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