Have you ever felt that urge? When ‘life’ or this crazy voice inside your head’s pushes you relentlessly towards something. That intangible, undescribe-able urge to to ‘just do it’.

That’s where I am right now.

I’ve been wanting to do this for years. I’ve bought 5 domain names that seemed ‘just right, but not quite’. I have an excel sheet full of a 100 (ok, a few hundred) other possible names, in various exotic languages, their meanings, availability of domain extension, social media availability etc.  Over the years, I’ve even designed a few logos, done a few sites that were to be my launch platform, blog posts, marketing plans etc. Did I mention the thousands of dollars I’ve invested in programs, courses and other learning material to help get this dream off the ground? I also quit my job last year to be able to focus on this. But then life happened.

My marriage blew up. I became a single mom. I was shattered. I spent months crying. Then I spent months in anger. Then I spent months pulling myself together. Healing. Adjusting to being a single parent. Just keeping afloat.

But it’s been a rewarding journey. More internal than outward. I’m still pulling together my confidence. And my faith. Exploring life.

Thinking, and more thinking, in my head. Planning, waiting, and more planning for the right moment to launch. Over the last few months, I’ve even helped dozens of women across the globe with these very same fears. I’ve helped them find themselves. Heal themselves. Face their own fears. Acknowledge themselves. I’ve helped them define their business, their business strategies, find their ideal clients, recognize their worth and so much more. It’s been an amazing journey. For me, as much as for them.

I found that I work better, when I’m helping others. It’s much much harder to look my self in the mirror.

I found that skills and wisdom that I took for granted, was of service to others. Just what they were looking for. Just what they needed.

Though I’m an introvert, I found that I could reach out to strangers – and connect. And more than that, that I could bring joy, value and peace to their lives.

And in the process, I’m embracing who I am and the value I bring.

I’ve always wanted to do this. To help women uncover their true worth. To believe in themselves. To know that they can be more. To be able to create the kind of life they truly desire.

But I’ve always been waiting for the right time. To have just the right business plan. The right logo. The right website. The right marketing strategy. The right support. The right everything. The right sequence of blog posts, emails, launch sequence etc. And to have the time, to do it all right.

But the urge has gotten so strong that I find myself unable to do anything else. I’m obsessed. I can’t think of anything else. The thoughts in my head are dying to get out on paper – ok, the internet. I want to write to express. Not to impress.  I NEED to write. To Express. On this Blog. Not writing for clients. Not writing tech.

So I’m going to take my own advice. I’m going to start before I’m fully ready.

Here’s I am.

I don’t have a fancy logo and website yet.  I don’t have a freebie or optin. No services page. The ‘About’ page doesn’t match up to the advice I give my website clients.

But it’s ok.

What I am putting up is straight from the heart. Raw emotion, experiences, thoughts, opinions. Unedited.  Raw. True. Strong.

For myself. And for those women on their own similar journey.

Join me on my journey. Walk with me as I grow. Learn from my mistakes. Live your own.

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