If you’ve been struggling to make money in your business,
though it feels like you’ve been doing EVERYTHING you were supposed to,
– it could be that you’re trying too hard.
– it could be that you ‘feel’ you’re doing the ‘right’ things; because that’s what everyone around you says you should be doing; but they’re just not right for you.
– it could be that you’ve got all the right ideas, but you stumble in the execution.
– it could be that you were barking up the wrong tree.That the business / model you’re chasing, just isn’t you.
It could be a whole lot of things.
Building a business, is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. One with 1000 pieces. Oh, and they change form as you’re putting them together 😉
The question is – are you going to let that stop you?
Are you going to let it all bog you down?
Are you going to put it down to the fact that you’re still holding on to a day job, that you’ve got 2 kids, that you’ve got to cook dinner every-single-day?
Or are you going to step up and own it?
Are you going to take charge?
Are you going to fess up to what’s really going wrong and then go fix it?
Sometimes it’s not about what you’re doing. Sometimes it’s just about the WAY you’re doing things.
You’ve got to do it in a way that’s right for YOU.
That’s why courses don’t work that much. 97% people never complete courses (yes, even Seth Godin’s courses).
That’s why sometimes you have to reach out to ask for help.
No woman is an island onto herself.
We all work better – together.
Look at your everyday life.
You don’t try to grow the cotton, turn it into yarn, weave it into cloth, dye it, stitch it up – all by yourself. You go out and buy the damn clothes you like.
When you get sick you don’t just fiddle around for weeks and months hoping to work your way out of it. You go find the right doc.
I find it so strange that we treat our businesses so different. That we get stuck in our heads and try to do it all alone. We’re hesitant to hire a coach, a VA, a web designer, a tech gal.
True growth happens when you step up and acknowledge what you can and cannot do by yourself. When you stretch yourself to seek the right kind of help.
Stop trying to do everything yourself.
Stop trying to be Super Woman.
Just plain stop limiting yourself.

Are you ready to ask for, and receive, the help you need to grow your business? What’s stopping you?

I’m curious. Really.

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