If you started out 2016 believing THIS was the year you finally get your business off the ground & soaring
If you got caught up in things – head-fuck, kids, jobs, tech issues, life
If you’re felling bad, and are beating yourself up about it. Or just plain feeling disheartened
Stop beating yourself up.
Just make ONE small decision. Are you ready to commit to your business?
If yes – then just get started. There’s still 100 days to go. A lot can happen in 100 days.
Just get started. Even if you haven’t thought it out fully. Even if your website is not quite up. Even if you’re afraid. Even if you’re not sure.
Just get started.
Experience is the best teacher.
You’re not going to be able to do a perfect launch. Not the first time around. Probably not the 3rd time around either.
Your website will always be a work in progress.
Your branding doesn’t need to be perfect.
What you need to do – is get started.
Get started helping people.
Get started charging money for your services.
Get started being comfortable talking about your services, selling your services.
No matter how much you ‘prep’ for your business, no matter how many videos you watch, no matter how many courses you buy, no matter how many times you go over it all in your head……
None of that sticks until you go out there and do the work.
You know the real reason you haven’t started that dream business yet? It’s not because of your job. It’s not because of the kids. It’s not because of your spouse. It’s not because those courses didn’t work for you.
It is simply because starting that ‘dream business’ was just not on your priority list.
Face it.
Own it.
That choice can be either way
You can choose that 2016 is NOT the year you launch that dream biz.
Or you can choose that you WILL do it.
Either way, it’s a choice.
And when it’s YOUR choice, it completely changes the game. YOU have the power. You get to decide.
No more excuses. No more blaming it on others.
What are you choosing today?
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