The first time it happened, I didn’t quite know how to react to it.
And then it happened again.
And again.
In 1:1 client calls.

And they don’t just happen when we do guided meditations… but er, they happen. Even if we’re just talking.

Tears of joy.
Tears of release.
Tears of relief.

Often clients try to hold back. To keep up a straight face.
I tell them it’s ok.
It’s ok to let it go.
It’s ok to feel.
It’s ok to express.
And tears are just one form of that expression
When the emotion is too powerful to express in any other forms.

And yes, I do business coaching. These are women who signed up for business coaching.

More often than not, what’s really holding them back in their business, from making the smart choices, from choosing the right strategies, from reaching out to the right clients, in the right way….

Is not the lack of “knowing”.
Or “not doing enough”.

It is fear.
Fear of not being enough.
Fear of not being able to do enough.
Playing small.
Holding back.

Limiting beliefs. Built up over a life time.
Due to conditioning. Due to certain relationships.

And while I don’t do full on life coaching or healing
I weave in what I can

When I see that these limiting beliefs
And old wounds
And old fears
are holding my clients back.

Some may think it’s weird that I do impromptu guided meditations and healing on business coaching calls.

I call it bringing in my entire toolbox.
The strategy. And the tech. And the website. And the copy. And the mindset. AND the healing.

Because really, you need them all.
Starting a business is really a journey of personal discovery.
More so for women than for men.
Women’s businesses are personal.
Along with the desire to make money…
Is the desire to be able to be the fullest, most awesome version of themselves
And in doing so… inspire others, help others, serve others.

Perhaps it’s just the kind of women who come to me…
But that’s the common factor.
That’s what they want.

And in order to really bring your A-game to the table
And the best version of yourself
You have to be willing to let go of old wounds and fears and limiting beliefs
You have to be willing to step up and be seen and be hear
You have to let your love for yourself, for your clients, for the transformation you help them through…. be stronger than your fear of failure.
You have to be willing to learn what it takes to make it all happen.
You have to be willing to do what it takes to make it all happen.
Even to let the tears flow. On a business coaching call.

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