Way too often, sentences like these show up in the conversations I have with women across the globe:

“Oh you’re so lucky… I can’t do that. My mother / husband would never let me do that.”

“Oooh.. This is so perfect for me. I wish I could sign up right now. But I have to check with my husband”

“Yes… I’ve been dreaming about this for sooooo long….But my mother/husband is dead against it. She/he won’t approve”.

“Oh, You’re single. You can choose to do whatever you want.”

When I hear sentences like that, I cringe.

These are grown women. Not teenagers. Not young girls.

These are strong, mature women. Who’ve seen life.

And yet… they still feel the need for approval. For their parents / spouse to grant them permission.

Sometimes, it’s genuine – touching base with your partner over major decisions, making sure your parents are on board with decisions that impact their lives. Sometimes, it’s a convenient excuse for things they don’t want to get into.

But more times than I’d like…. these sentences seem to come from a deep rooted need – to be a ‘good’ girl. To get your mother’s approval, or the husband’s ….. even at 40. Even for business decisions that the parent/spouse have no clue about.


You don’t need anyone’s permission.

To be who you are.

To follow your heart.

To start that business you’ve been dreaming about.

The ONLY permission you’ll ever need

is from that Voice in Your Head.

Who’s voice is it?



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