I have this incredibly terrible itch. I love to learn. I love to learn new stuff. I love to go back and refine what I already know. I’m curious. I’m inquisitive. And I have no hassles with stepping into the unknown and trying to figure things out – as daunting at it may be. I’m one of those crazy creatures who loves learning, for the sheer joy of it. For the thrill of understanding and mastering, something hitherto unknown.

But once I have figured it out, once I know how things work, or how it’s going to pan out over the course of time, once I can see the path – I have no qualms in letting go if it doesn’t interest me. No matter how much time and energy I’ve invested.

That can be called smart. Or heartless.

If I can see far enough ahead to know that I’m not going to like what’s at the end, or along the way, I simply change my path. I go looking for what might be a better fit.

Same as I’ve done with my career, time and again.

Constantly Learning. Constantly Evolving.

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