You know the top reasons women fail in business?

I’ve studied/scrutinized hundreds of women run businesses. Deep dived into dozens. And I’ve found it always comes down to these two things. Yes, just two. Whatever the reason seems like on the surface, it ALWAYs comes down to these 2 reasons

1. She didn’t believe.

She didn’t believe she could. She didn’t believe it was possible. At least not for her. Not now.
And so.. she held back. She swayed. She dithered. She doubted. She strayed. She chased every shiny object – course, book, blog, coach – that came her way.

2. She didn’t really ‘know’ what she wanted.

So she went down every rabbit hole. Mired in busy work. Working towards ‘something’….. but not really sure what that ‘something’ was. Frustrated that she wasn’t getting the results even with her hard work.


I’ve found that when you’re super clear on what you want, where you want to get, who you want to be …
AND when you believe that it’s totally possible for you…..
AND you fully commit to making it happen…..

It happens.

Things start falling in place.

Your hours are productive instead of just busy work.

You’re find exactly the right steps to move forward.

You find just the right people to help you.

You stumble, you may fumble, but the you pick yourself up and you get going again.

The catch is –

You have to believe in yourself.
You have to believe in your goal.
You have to believe it’s possible. For you. Now.

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