When you’re just starting off in business – or even if you’ve been at it a while – setting and achieving money goals can feel daunting.

Especially for women.

Even if they’ve made six figures and more in their earlier business or career.

There’s a lot of noise out there, masquerading as business advice, and people claiming  “This is how I made 100K in 100 days and you can too – if you just follow the proven 5 step process that I teach in my course”. It’s easy to get caught up in it. But after a while, you realize that the ‘proven process’ just doesn’t work for you.

That’s why I prefer working 1:1.  So that I can customize things for YOU. For YOUR business.

Making $100,000 (or whatever your goal is) doesn’t have to be hard. IF you work smart. IF you have the right business model.

It’s just that many women give up and believe it’s just not possible for them.

VerityVerity Mansfield (A Beautiful Truth | Coaching and Development) is one of my clients. We recently worked out a business model for her – for her business goals – that’s completely in tune with who she is and all that she stands for. Her business, her way.

When we started, she was thinking of doing the usual stuff – 1:1’s and courses. We played with the numbers and I showed her what it would it take for her to achieve her goals that way.

And then we worked out an alternative business model that would help her achieve her six figure goal, much much faster – while honoring her work, her clients, her truth.  Because that’s why we are in business right – to serve, to make the world a better place.

Here’s an excerpt from our conversation after the session:


[Richa] How did you feel when we started discussing your current package? And when you found you’re effectively charging $50/hr?

[Verity] A little deflated. I really had it in my head I was earning $120/hr. It made me realize how much work I put into serving my clients and yet not being paid what I deserved. I also felt sad that 1:1 coaching wasn’t really going to get me anywhere even at $120/hr!


[Richa] How did you feel once I started building up new packages for you – the Intro offer, the group program, the 1:1 ?

Having a range of services is so much better! It covers all my bases! I want it to be affordable for women to have access to transformation, and yet many women feel guilty spending money on their own growth instead of their families. Some women just don’t have access to extra funds if they’re on a single income. By having group packages and intro packages these women can have a taste of growth at an affordable price. Plus I still get to serve women wanting real change via 1:1.


[Richa] How did it feel when I showed you how you could stack the group program, and by running 1 each month, build it up to 100K mark in about a year?

[Verity] Wow! What an eye opener! It seemed so obvious and logical to stack the program and build up to 100k and in a YEAR! I now have to face the reality that if I really desire 100K a year it IS possible!! No excuses now!


[Richa] Did you feel that kind of plan was do-able? Practical?

[Verity] The plan is definitely doable, logical and organic! ! I just need to figure out how to market and to get the numbers on board. It also seems pretty practical. In fact I just mentioned a possible group program to a past client who wants to sign up already, even though I haven’t yet developed the program in detail! After I got off the call I was stunned. I can’t believe this is actually possible in such a clear cut way and without sacrificing any of my values!


[Richa] If you’ve ever read those sleazy articles/headlines about making 100K in 6 months – how did this experience compare?

[Verity] Oh I don’t even bother reading them! They mainly ask you to take on their business plans instead of being tailored around your passions and individual gifts. That’s what I love about working with you Richa; it all revolves around my gifts, my passions and my values – not somebody elses!


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