When I do launch reviews and business reviews more often that not women will send me their Sales Page or Work-With-Me page and ask how to tweak it. They want to me to tell them that changing this ONE sentence or changing this-one-image will turn things around and have people lapping up their offers.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t have such easy answers. And anyone who promises you that changing just one sentence or one formula will help you turn your business around and hit 7-figure sales overnight is total BS. Run the other way.

'Selling' or 'buying' is really a conversation. You have to start the right conversation, with the right people, at the right time, in the right way. Share on X

The key to really understanding WHY your offers aren’t selling is to understand that ‘selling’ or ‘buying’ is really a conversation. And people have already made up their minds way before they got to that sales page or that booking page. The sales page is just the handshake or that warm tight hug you give each other after a wonderful conversation!

You have to start the right conversation, with the right people, at the right time, in the right way.

Yes, that’s a lot of things to get ‘right’.

Let’s say you’re a relationship coach. And you love Oprah. And you go to one of her events. At the event, would you expect Oprah to spot you in the 29th row, 34th seat and come up to you and “Hey, here’s my credit card. Sign me up for 3 months of love coaching”?


Doesn’t it sound weird when I even ask you something like that??

Does Oprah even need love advice? And if she did – what are the chances she’ll walk up to, a random person, to help her with it?

[For those of you saying Oprah isn’t your ideal client – know this – your CLIENT is just as important as Oprah! ]

And yet you expect people who haven’t head about you, or perhaps seen you about Facebook sporadically, to come to you and pay for your offers and your services?

And you think that tweaking a few lines in your FB post or on your Sales Page will change that?

Er duh?!?

See what’s the issue here?

Now let’s talk about how you can fix it aka what you can do to actually have people happily pull out their wallets and pay for your services.  But er, that’s more than I type out in a blog post!!

So instead I did the next best thing – bundled it all up into ONE neat training for you! Oh, and did I mention it’s free!? Sign up right here to learn What to Do When Your Offers Just Aren’t Selling!

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