Sometimes I wonder whether I’m in the right place, doing the right thing.

You know, with my “career”, with my business, with my life.

[ Yep, we all do that! Don’t tell me you don’t !! ? ]

Sometimes when I geek out on stuff about Science stuff like the image of the black hole by Dr Katie Bouman and team ….. I ask myself whether I should have stayed in tech. You can take the girl out of tech, but you can’t take the science nerd out of me. I’ll always love science. It’s part of me. Always was, always will be. I’d still happily dig into a complex calculus and the theory of everything.

Sometimes when I help clients with their marketing content, and we end up rewriting not just their launch emails and web copy …… I ask myself whether I should’ve stuck to my copy writing biz. I am a word nerd after all. I enjoy playing with words. Always have. Always will.

Sometimes when I help a client streamline their sales page, or their website… or watch them create their own website… I ask myself whether I should’ve continued and grown the web design biz. Afterall, I just love design so much – the clean elegance, the beauty, of getting an idea across – on a web page that’s just html, and css, and js and a bunch of other code!

But when I did those things… I knew there was something still missing, that I was under utilized.

Just re-did an MBTI test.
It said I’m an INTJ.
2.1 % of the world’s population.
0.9% of women.
INTJ is the Architect

It says
Their capacity for digesting difficult and complex theories and principles and converting them into clear and actionable ideas and strategies is unmatched by any other personality type.

Architects are able to filter out the noise of a situation, identifying the core thread that needs to be pulled in order to unravel others’ messes so that they can be rewoven into something at once beautifully intricate and stunningly simple in its function. Architect personalities will often find ways to automate routine and mind-numbing tasks

As a Business Strategist, that’s EXACTLY what I do for my clients these days!

The years spent coding
The years spent leading and managing teams and impossible projects
The years spent writing and blogging and playing around with websites
They all added up
To get me to exactly where I need to be.
Even if I couldn’t see it then,

Here’s more about my personality type:

If you don’t already know, go find out yours!

Getting to know yourself, how you work, what makes you tick, what makes you fumble – is an important part of being an entrepreneur.

Getting to know how the seemingly disjoint experiences and personas that add up to being YOU.

So that you can be FULLY YOU!

Sure, you can use other parameters in place of the MBTI types. There’s Human Design. There’s the Zodiac. There’s dozens of others too.

Use whatever system you want – to learn more about YOU. It’s the best gift you can give yourself as an entrepreneur!

Oh, and if you’d like me to help you “architect” your business, to simplify it, to map out clear, actionable strategies….then let’s talk.

Here’s the link to book in a no-obligation, exploratory call with me.

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