I cringe when I see headlines & posts like these:

“Create your first group program in 45 minutes”

“Breaking your head over content? Here’s my fool proof method to create a year’s content in just 60 minutes”

“Wanna know how I booked 40 discovery calls in just 2 days?”

“I’ve helped over 10,000 women build their business”

“I signed on 30 new coaching clients in the last month alone. Join my program to learn how to do it”.

Here’s what headlines like these instantly tell me about the people who write them

1. They “studied” copy-writing. Or hired a copywriter. They’re following the “rules” of copywriting, using click-bait headlines. Cookie-cutter. They, or their copywriter, are just “churning out content” without putting real thought into it.

2. They think your audience is dumb. Or they’re targeting the kind of audience that is dumb and gullible enough to believe a “quality” program can be created from scratch in 45 minutes. With no prior experience. Really?!?!

[You can NOT create a quality program in 45 minutes flat – unless you’d already been working out every little detail in your head for hours, weeks and months. Oh, and of course, you’d also have to be an expert in your field, know every bit of technology that goes into putting together such a program, have a ready audience etc etc. ]

3. They prefer quantity over quality. If they’re working with 30 clients 1:1 at a time, they’re probably jumping from one call to the next, spewing general platitudes, rather than really giving them individual, customized advise. Which kind of defeats the purpose of 1:1 work.

But here’s the thing.. we’re all human. We’re easily persuaded. There are triggers that get us drooling, believing, in spite of ourselves.

So the next time you feel inclined to go worship the person who went from welfare to a $1million in 3 years of business, dig a bit deeper. Ask yourself

– Did she really starting from scratch? or was she building upon or leveraging the expertise she built over a decade in other businesses, other industries?

– When she says she made a $1million, was that profit or revenue? If she had to spend $900,000 to make that $1,000,000…. then she’s only really made $100,000.

– When your jaw drops in awe, that she did it all on her own (you know solo-preneurs are the rage these days), go find out who’s on her team. Does she have a full time nanny / housekeeper to take care of kids and the house? A family that supports her? A VA to handle the admin work for her business? A techie on standby to handle all the setup & tech stuff it takes to run a business?

Stop putting everyone else on a pedestal, believing they’re super human, and you’re just a mere mortal.

Stop beating yourself up for not getting as far, or as rich as someone else.

Stop jumping at every offer, ever webinar, every coach that promises you a quick fix.

You are on your own life journey. You have to follow your own path. There’s a time and season for everything (here’s a video where I talk about it in more detail).

Honor your own personal journey.


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