When I started my business, I really didn’t realize what I was getting into.

Oh, I’d been planning/wanting to do it for close to a decade.I’d gone to the best Business School in India. I knew how to write an elevator pitch, a business plan and even map out P&L statements etc. I’d taken the most popular online courses. I knew all about websites and conversation rates and funnels.

But none of it really prepared me for what actually happened once I got started.

I found that starting a business is really about starting a journey of personal transformation.

Especially for us as women.
Business is personal.
The personal is business.
They intertwine.

Starting a business will require you face yourself, face your fears in a way no personal development program ever can.

It will make you question who you are, and everything you stand for until you connect with the essence of your soul, and can stand strong in your strength.

It will require you to step up and be visible and vocal about what you stand for. Not just for those that you serve, but for yourself.

To succeed in business, you’ll have to step up to the challenge.

You’ll have to let go of the ‘old’ you. Of everything that no longer serves you, everything you thought about yourself, your world, your beliefs

You’ll have to bring forth the courage to step into the “new” you, a new way of BEING, of serving, of thinking of money, energy, the universe, everything – even parenting and meal prep! Oh yeah!

You’ll change.
In ways you never thought possible.
In ways that you can’t even describe.

Will it be painful? Hell yeah.
Will it be worth it? Absolutely!

Starting a business is really a journey of personal transformation.

Are you ready for it?

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