It’s been a trying day. 24 hours. Little sleep. Much worry.

My son’s been down with a fever. High temperatures.

It’s gonna be a while.

So today, I put all the business stuff on hold. Fully focused on the little fella.

But at the back of my mind was this huge TODO list & deadlines for the next retreat I’m putting together. For moms who want to quit the corporate and start their own online business so that they can work from home and BE THERE for their kiddos, for themselves, as and when they want.

And the irony of it hit me. Here I was, fretting away about work. While I’m at home, with the kiddo.

The good thing about catching yourself in the act, is that you have an opportunity to fix it.

And so I did.

I put the retreat out of my head. I played checkers with him. I read like 100 pages from his favorite books. I weaseled in a few pages of Enid Blyton. I pretty much forgot about work and business stuff.

Until he went to bed.

Now that I’m on my computer, and have uninterrupted time – I can’t focus. I can’t focus on those all-so-important tasks any more.

Instead, I sat and made this.

How life as an entrepreneur, is pretty much the same as life as a mom.

Life as an entrepreneur, is pretty much the same as life as a mom. Share on X

You go through the same phases.

You go through similar struggles.

You juggle. You wiggle. You balance. You grow. Pretty much in the same ways.

And no matter how much you read up, or how many years you’ve been dreaming and prepping for it – nothing quit prepares you for ecstasy & the agony of being a mom / business owner.

The only way to get a hang of it – is to jump all in and DO it. In all it’s gory glory.

One step at a time.

For example, this post – I created & added the infographic later (in another spell of late night, not so bright, coffee induced spell).

That’s just how moms work.

One step, one day, at a time.

And hey – if you can handle the most difficult job in the world aka Being Mom – you can handle anything!

Besides, building a business, is just like raising a child.

You got this!



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