Circles. It’s all circles.

Phases come and go.

Back in April & May, I was on a roll – showing up consistently. On social media. On my newsletters. On webinars. On interviews. I was all abuzz.

And then something happened…
I felt the need to step back.
When the kiddo went off to my parents and I had all the time in the world to myself, instead of throwing myself head long into my business, into work, like I’d planned to – my brain, and my body, just wanted to slow down.

I hadn’t realized it. I’d been burning the lamp at both ends through the last year. I was exhausted. I needed to recharge.

This time around, instead of pushing forward like the A-type, never-slow-down-go-getter I am, I listened to my mind, my body. I slowed down.

I’m an introvert by nature. But usually I beat myself about it, and push myself to be more visible, more outgoing. I manage to fake ‘outgoing’ for a while. But it takes a toll on me. I prefer my own private world.

I stayed off Facebook for a while. For almost 2 months actually I stopped all notifications, and didn’t even log in most days.

All those grand plans in my head, the long TODO lists for my business, and my home, I told them to lay low. I put them aside.

On the home front, I just got through the bare minimum chores for each day. (Even that’s a lot. As a single mom, well, there’s just no one else around to hand things off to!)

On the business front, I just serviced my existing clients. I stopped signing up new ones.

I created some ‘space’ – mental space. For me and the kid.

We connected. We bonded.

And in all of this, I connected with myself.

It felt good. I felt ‘centered’. Grounded.

Now as I step back into the online world – I’m ready to soar.
In this silence, this absence something has shifted. Big time.

There is a confidence, a determination, a faith, that I’ve never felt before in my life.

I’ve struggled a lot with the Imposter Syndrome. When the Ex left, I was at rock bottom. I didn’t believe I would ever be able to pick up the pieces of life. No job. Huge mortgage. Single mom. In India.

Almost 2 years on, I LOVE the life my son and I have today.
I’ve never felt more confident, or happier.
I’m grateful to be able to help women across the world, the way I do.

Just sayin’.

The Circle of Life.
Ebbs and flows.
It’s the same in Business.
The Circle of Business
Ebbs and flows.

When the tide’s low – don’t beat yourself up. And don’t give up.
When the tide’s in flow, rising high, enjoy it, grow with it, be grateful for it.


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