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[Provoked by some women who’re constantly complaining, the absconding maids, and a very astutehusband. Also Starry‘s thought provoking post]

Yet again, SuperWoman saves the day!

There’s dust almost everywhere. You wish you hadnt bought dark furniture. ALL the dishes you own are piled up in the sink. The floors havent been mopped in days. And you can identify stains from each of the games the kids played. The maids havent turned up for days. The substitute cook says she can come in only at 5:30 am, yes am, or not at all. She doesnt have any other time slot. The laundry has started changing color and disseminating smells that thankfully only you notice. The men of the house are impervious to such things. Throw in a coupla important meetings at work, a project deadline, and day care has a day off due to one of the many national holidays – which your company has decided to pass up on. And of course the spouse’s work is such that he cannot take the day off. Or miss those after office conference calls. Or take the family out to dinner.

So what do you do?

Roll up your sleeves, brace yourself, and plough into the job. Prioritize, juggle and just keep going at it. One at a time. Goading yourself on. What to do, you only have to do it. . After all, maids are unreliable; the spouse is busy at office, and YOU HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING. After all, YOU cant stand a messy house. YOU want to feed the kids nutritious food. YOU want to plan out ‘educational’ activities to keep them occupied. YOU also want to complete that project at work, coz  you’re a responsible high performer at work.

Does this sound like YOU?

How often? Every other day? or everyday?

Feel you’re being pushed to the limit? That everyone “expects” you to? That you’re constantly being forced to be Superwoman?

Well, think again lady.

Who asked you to be superwoman?!?

Who? Who? Who?

And just because they (or you) asked, doesnt mean you have to? You do have the freedom to say no. To say that we’ll order in coz there’s no cook. Or get a dabba wala. Or use paper plates and cups coz the other ones are all in the sink. Or ignore the dust. Or ask the spouse to make time to do the laundry. Or better still, hand over complete responsibility for it.


No one’s forcing you. But yourself.

You are not indispensable. If you dont do XYZ, the spouse, the kids, will manage. Just fine. Yes, their clothes may not be washed and starched and ironed the way you like to; the food may not meet your exacting standards; the house may not be spic and span. But 5 years later, will any of it matter? What will last though, is your frustration. And your family’s. When you constantly try to be Superwoman.

The only real challenge is ‘letting go’. Letting go of the need to be Superwoman.

Learning to live easy. Learning to really prioritize.

And you’ll get your life back.

The big question for you to answer is : Are you ready to let go of being SuperWoman ?

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